CoinBase (BitCoin, BitPay) Payment System

CoinBase introduces simple and easy payment system where users can send and receive payments internationally without any payment fees.

Below are the various features of this new payment service:

* Instant Payment

Payments arrive at the speed of an email (just a few seconds) and are confirmed within the hour. No more waiting three business days for checks.

* Bank Transfers

Add and withdraw funds directly to your bank account. We charge just 0.5% when you convert your money into or out of bitcoin. (coming soon)

* Zero Transaction Fees

Stop paying 2.9% plus 30 cents on credit card payments – bitcoin transactions are completely free, with no setup, monthly, or per-transaction fee.

* Merchant Tools

Easily create “buy now” or donate buttons. We also offer full shopping card integration. (coming soon)

* Works Internationally

Bitcoin is an open protocol for money that is truly international (much like the internet itself). Now you can send money anywhere in the world.

* Reduced Risk

Based on the bitcoin which leads to lesser transaction risks as compared with regular payment systems e.g. banks, paypal etc because it works on virtual currencies.

There is a similar BitCoin payment system ‘BitPay’ however it takes 0.99% transaction fee :

BitCoin: No Risk, No Hassle, No Borders!

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